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Snatch thieves now targeting lady drivers



SNATCH thieves lurking on the streets are no longer only eyeing pedestrians and have taken to pouncing on motorists, especially women. Of late, several cases of women drivers falling prey to snatch thefts even in their own cars have been brought to the attention of StarMetro. Word has also been going around among offices and communities, while emails and social networking sites are helping the news spread like wildfire. The culprits, usually a motorcyclist and a pillion rider, tail the driver and smash the car window to snatch items placed inside the car. The attacks are usually launched when the car is stationary by the road side or at traffic light junctions. Sudden attack: Women drivers should not let their guard down even after locking their cars as there have been cases of ‘smash-and-snatch”. For one victim, the mishap occurred at Alam Damai, Cheras, last month. “I usually put my bag on the floor while driving, as my friends have told me about cases of robbers smashing windows to snatch bags. “But that day, after answering a phone call, I put my bag on the seat and in a short distance of only two traffic light junctions, my car window was smashed and before I could sort out what had happened, the two riders on the motorcycle sped off with my bag,” she said. She added that when she was at the police station, a woman was lodging a report over a similar incident. Another victim said she had a shock when she sent her friend home to Pandan Perdana in January. She stopped the car in front of her friend’s house while waiting for the latter’s family to open the gate. Attraction: Handbags placed on car seats attract the attention of snatch theives, who are likely to launch their attack when the car is stationary. “After waiting for about five minutes, two youths on a motorcycle rode past us and made a U-turn to approach my car. We did not suspect anything amiss, thinking that they were visiting my friend’s brother, but, to our horror, they smashed the car window and snatched my friend’s handbag. “Everything happened in the blink of an eye and my friend also suffered minor cuts from the shattered glass. The incident has left me paranoid whenever I am driving, especially at night or at traffic light junctions. “I learned the hard way that even though I was in my car, it is still not safe,” she said. She also related another incident that happened to a friend, who was attacked while driving her child home. Not only did the crooks took her valuables, they even stabbed the toddler in in the thigh before zooming off! Another case occurred in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya, on July 13 but this case involved a dog. The driver had parked her car in front of her god daughter’s house for her maid to pick up something when a motorcycle approached, smashed the car window and took her bags that were on the seat. Evidence: The broken windscreen showing proof how a female motorist from Cheras had a narrow escape from the hands of four snatch thieves. She was distraught as her beloved Yorkshire Terrier was in the bag, but fortunately a Good Samaritan returned it to her. “I am now very cautious, I lock my car whenever I am in it and I don’t know how else to do to prevent these incidents. I am still in shock until today,” she said. The culprits do not always hit the side windows. A victim from Cheras related that a group of four motorcyclists attempted to break her windscreen with a helmet at a traffic light junction near Pandan Jaya but ran off with a fierce stare at her when the glass did not break. Apart from the straightforward smash-and-snatch method, word has spread over the Internet about other cunning tactics used by the perpetrators. One widely circulated email has it that some culprits had acted on the pretext of a wounded person seeking help, in order to rob the driver of their belongings the moment they wound down the window. Another email warns motorists against driving over newspapers scattered on the street as nails could have been placed underneath to puncture tyres while the culprits wait in the dark to strike when the driver pulls over. Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed said while there had been several snatch theft cases involving female drivers, there was no need for panic. “Many of the cases are caused by carelessness. They should never leave anything on the car seat as that attracts the culprits, even though there may be nothing inside,” he said. He said snatch thefts involving women drivers made up only 2% of the 6,000-odd criminal cases reported in Petaling Jaya this year, which was a reduction compared with the same period last year. “Drivers have to be vigilant at all times and should not panic no matter what happens, so that they know how to respond to a situation,” he said, adding that if the driver was alert, she could have shielded herself from harm, read the plate number, called the police or gone to a safe place. He cited a video clip he was shown recently, of a man smashing a car window about 10 times without breaking the glass, and the lady driver just sat still staring blankly at the crook. “If the woman had not panicked, she could have driven off to a safe place by then,” he said. When asked about rumours on the other tricks used, he said there had not been any reported cases of robbers faking injuries in his district. “But the drivers should be alert when they discover that their tyres are suddenly flat or when their cars are hit from the rear, as these can be tactics to distract the victim’s attention,” he added. He added that the police had been holding regular meetings to educate the public, but organisations could also call the police to request for one.


Fake policeman ID

Received this through an email………

A REAL policeman ID card is light yellow in color with Logo & the word "polis diraja malaysia " in front.
At the back, there will be
a passport size photo, name & matriks number

Below is the real policeman ID:


Ladies, be alert.  It is happening in Penang !!!
I used to receive forwarded emails regarding incidents of being ‘disturbed’ by a fake  policeman but I don’t really believe that until i met one last saturday .
It was 8.30am when I was driving at Jln Ayer Itam. I noticed a motorbike following me closely. Of course I didnt suspect anything bcos that is the main road to town. However, at the Mobil petrol station, b4 SRJK Shang Wu, I turned left to Tmn Lumba Kuda & he followed.
This time he was riding the motorbike on my right & took out his handcuff and kept saying "Saya polis". I ignored him. Then at the tmn lumba kuda housing area he overtook my car & stopped his motorbike infront on me.
I stopped & waited till he got down from his bike then I drove off again. Unfortunately, we met again at the tuffclub traffic light. This time, he kept knocking at my window and asking me to come out from my car. He also showed me a so called police ID card without photo or logo.
I’m very sure that he is not a genuine policeman. Even if he is a real one, and if I did break any traffic rules , he can just send me a summon without needing me to get down from my car. So, I decided go drive to police station. He followed me till a few hundreds metre b4 I turned to the police station.
He is a medium size Malay guy, abt 165-170cm height.. Riding Modenas Kriss 100 ,   PGN 74.
p/s: A REAL policeman ID card is light yellow in color with Logo & the word "polis diraja malaysia " in front. At the back, there will be a passport size photo, name & matriks number .
Hope this thing wont happen again and wont happen to any of you as well.

Robber slits victim’s throat after grabbing RM1,000

2009/05/31 NST Online

A 57-year-old grocery shop owner was left fighting for his life after a robber slit his throat before escaping with his pouch bag containing nearly RM1,000 cash at Kampung Pelindung in Beserah here on Saturday.

Abdul Rahman Ismail was making his rounds door-to-door selling cylinder gas in the neighbourhood in his one-tonne lorry when he was attacked at 2.45pm.
Although left for dead, the gutsy man managed to crawl out of his lorry before he fell unconscious and was later found by a passerby who, together with the villagers, sent him to Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital.
District police chief Assistant Commissioner Jasmani Yusoff said the victim, who is also lame, is well known in the area as his sundry shop is right next to Beserah police station.
He said the man was in stable condition after doctors sewed up the wound to his throat. Although Rahman is still unable to talk, police managed to get his statement by asking him to write down the details.
Jasmani said the victim alleged he was flagged down by a man claiming to be interested in buying a cylinder and took him along in his vehicle to make the delivery.

“When they reached a deserted stretch of road near a resort, the man took out a knife and demanded his valuables. There was a struggle and the suspect slit the victim’s throat before making off with his money pouch. We are still searching for the suspect,” he said.

Crime watch

Received through email today…..
For those living in Bandar Utama; Subang Jaya/USJ/Bandar Sunway area, be extra careful. There has been a spate of robbery and kidnap cases. In the meantime,we have been given to understand that PDRM (Polis DiRaja Malaysia ) has issued an APB (All Points Bulletin) on these criminals of the underworld.
Their M.O. (modus operanti)-strike at anytime even during the day. They would stalk you and kidnap you just when you are to open the house gate; force you to go with them in your car/their car to your bank’s ATM for instant cash withdrawal. Damn Bloody brave bad hats. So if you have several ATM cards and you value your bank balance maybe it is best to keep only one ATM card from now on just in case. For young females, they are more vulnerable as they may also be sexually harassed/assaulted.
These cars probably stolen have been used according to PDRM:-
(1)    Silver Toyota Camry                                – Regn. WMW 6638
(2)    Gold Toyota Camry                                  – Regn WNU 9232
(3)    Beige Mercedes Benz                              – Regn PFY 1221
(4)    Silver Perdana                                          -  Regn WJP 3738
(5)    Orange Gen.2                                           -  Regn ……   6610
(6)    Proton Wira                                              -  No info available
Description of these dangerous criminals: 2 Malay Male (presumed 20-30 yrs). One suspect is thin and the other quite stout. They operate up to 4 at a time. Pictures/photofit of 2 of the suspects are annexed, compliments of Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM).
So also not forgetting, the ‘beast’ mentioned by CID Chief SAC II Datuk Ku Chin Wah. So far they have struck terror into the hearts of residents in Selayang and Segambut where they first surfaced.
Concerned Citizen

Danger at cafes

Ladies and Gentleman
I was with a relative of mine today having a cup of coffee in Ampang.
My relative had a very bad experience that I want to share with all of
you.  Last week in the morning, he was having coffee at one of those
famous coffee outlets.  A stranger asked to share his table and he
agreed.  During light, polite conversation, my relative sipped his
coffee, and commented that it was bitter.
The next thing he knew he was in Ampang Puteri Hospital .  He
completely blanked out!
He later found out that his coffee was spiked (drugged) and his bank
account was cleaned out – the culprit used his ATM card (he thinks
that he must have given the PIN number while in a state of being
So please ladies and gentleman, do not assume that your drinks can
only get spiked in bars and clubs – it seems that now it has spread to
innocent coffee shops and cafés.
Please take care and be careful and alert at all times.  Life is hard
enough, don’t make it any harder for yourselves or your family and
friends.  Thank you.
Best Regards,
Putri Teh Soraya Denney
Chief Executive Officer/President
Amsito Oilwell Services (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Lot C 10-2
Jalan Ampang Utama 1/1
Off Jalan Ampang
68000 Ampang
Selangor Darul Ehsan , West Malaysia
Tel:       +603-4257 3017/3564/3917
Fax:      +603-4257 3716

Danger in Parking Lot

Dear Friends,
I would like to share a life saving incident that all our loved ones needs
to be aware.
Last Saturday, 11th April 2009, my girlfriend and I were in Mid Valley "The
Gardens" for a movie. We finished around 8.40pm.  I had parked my car just
right above the ‘GSC Signature Cinema’ on the 5th floor.. As we were
getting into our car, we realized that the parking fee had not been paid.
We decided to stop by the Auto pay station on the lower parking level to do
the payment.
We drove 2 floors down and couldn’t’t locate the Auto Pay Station. We
decided to park our car at 2nd floor wondering if there should be a pay
station in the mall at the lobby area. My girlfriend decided to wait in the
car as she was on the phone.  was walking into the mall looking for an Auto
Pay Station, failing to find one, I decided to walk 1 floor down.  About
minutes time, my girlfriend called me on my mobile phone and she sounded
terrified . She was shouting for help. She told me that there is a guy who
is trying to get into the car. The guy was trying to get into the car very
calmly, pretending getting into his own car. He failed to open and refuses
to continue trying as he noticed that she was on the phone calling for
help. Luckily, she had locked the door just right after I got out earlier.
I run up as quickly as possible to reach her.
The moment I reached to the parking area, I saw the guy walking away slowly
from the car. He was walking towards the ramp heading to the upper level.
As I ran up the ramp, though I could still see him I realized that I was
running away from my car again. It could be teamwork just to divert my
presence from my car. I got back to my girlfriend quickly to calm her down.
We made an official report to the Mid Valley security management to
investigate on the CCTV. It was a lesson learned for us to be more careful
in the parking zones. I’m happy that my girlfriend is still here with me
today. Please be watchful in parking zones.
Tips that we should be aware:
Never leave valuable items or your family members alone in the car at
parking location.
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Remmy Anderson
SRE FM Service Manager

Cops shoot four dead minutes after robbery and meal in victim’s home

Thursday May 14, 2009 The Star Online

JOHOR BARU: Four of the five robbers shot dead minutes after a robbery had time to raid their victim’s kitchen and enjoy the food there.

During the one-hour robbery, the men took turns to feast on chicken rice, chocolate cake and ice cream at the home of Syahrin Md Jamaludin, Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s political secretary.

The incident occurred around 2am in Kampung Sinaran Baru, Skudai, yesterday.

Syahrin’s wife Huzaimah Yahya, 33, who was tied up during the robbery, said two of the criminals ransacked her home looking for valuables while two others raided the fridge and opened pots and pans in the kitchen looking for food.

Huzaimah, an assistant registrar at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, said she was even made to teach the robbers how to use the remote control for the two cars at her home.

“I’m grateful my three children, who were sleeping, and I were not harmed during the robbery. I even asked the robbers not to make noise as I was worried about them waking up my children,” she said.

After ransacking the house, the robbers, including the fifth man who was believed to have waited outside the house, fled in one of the cars stolen from Syahrin’s house, a Proton Waja, around 3.10am.

Syahrin, 33, who was in Putrajaya, rushed back to Johor Baru after learning of the incident and praised police for their swift action.

He added that his house was broken into two years ago as well.

Johor police chief Dept Comm Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said police spotted the five suspects around 3.45am in the victim’s car on a slip road in Kempas leading to the Pasir Gudang highway.

DCP Mohd Mokhtar said despite police ordering the suspects to stop, they rammed the back of a police vehicle and attempted to run away on foot.

Suddenly, they turned back to attack the police with a gun and parangs, and police were forced to open fire to defend themselves, he said, adding that all five suspects, in their 20s, died at the scene. The suspects also had no valid travel documents.

DCP Mohd Mokhtar said police recovered a pistol, three bullets, three parangs, two knives, three screwdrivers, a cutter and goods stolen from the victims house.

“We also raided two homes believed to be where the suspects lived, in Kampung Semangat in Tampoi and Taman Mawar in Pasir Gudang,” he said, adding that four men and three women, aged between 20 and 48, were also arrested.

DCP Mohd Mokhtar said police believe the five suspects, from Gang Bonding, were involved in 22 violent robberies in Kota Tinggi, Simpang Renggam and Johor Baru.

They usually tied up their victims, ransacked homes and sometimes even raped their victims, he said, adding that several victims had also been injured.

Police were also investigating if the same group was involved in the robbery at Johor Baru (South) OCPD Asst Comm Zainuddin Yaakob’s home on April 30.